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Dr Kathryn Kirkwood

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Dr Kathryn Kirkwood

PhD, MPsychClin
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kathryn Kirkwood is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist who graduated from her Master of Clinical Psychology in 1994 from the University of NSW and her PhD in 2012 from University of Sydney.   Dr Kirkwood is a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA). She is a board approved supervisor for clinical psychology programmes.

Dr Kirkwood has worked in the area of pain, health and associated issues for many years.  Dr Kirkwood set up and was the Director of the intensive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programme (START) for persistent pain at St Vincent’s Public Hospital, Melbourne for 10 years.   Upon returning to Australia in 2017 Dr Kirkwood has been working mainly in private practice.

Dr Kirkwood integrates evidence-based therapy in the form of CBT.  Philosophical concepts and techniques for example mindfulness are integrated within a CBT model.  
Sometimes through no fault of our own, not all health or related problems may be totally resolved or resolved immediately.   Added to this, people can find themselves being caught up in distress and disability.  When this happens compassion for ourselves is important.  Also knowing that application of normal psychology principles can help in getting through.  Learning how to adapt both in our ways of behaving and thinking, how to understand the processes of how our brain and body interact, how we respond to our bodies and health related issues, how to consider our losses but also our gains, is a powerful process that may mean suffering can decrease, and the chance of a full life is achievable.  

Dr Kirkwood offers individual and group sessions.

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