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Aaron Yap

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Aaron Yap

Yoga therapist

For over 8 years Aaron has been treating people from all walks of life. From elite athletes to senior citizens to desk-bound workaholics. He has worked with clients searching for help to relieve their aches and pains, and frustrations with their inability to perform to expectations. 

Originally taking it up yoga as cross training to improve his strength training, 

Aaron has been practising yoga for years. Having realised the healing power of yoga during his own rehabilitation from injuries, Aaron was inspired to master yoga and has gone on to complete his Yoga Teacher Training. In addition, he has also completed a degree from Australian National University and holds a Cert 3 & 4 in fitness. Being trained in Rehab Trainer Essentials, Aaron practices meticulous movement refinement to prevent injuries and pain during physical activities as well as regain optimised movement post injuries.

Aaron is particularly interested in improving postural and muscle control to relieve and prevent pain. His areas of clinical interest include but are not limited to: 

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain and injuries
  • Postural strain
  • Sport injuries


Aaron enjoys working with a diverse patient base to improve function and reduce pain. He analyses pain causes in clients and then treats them to address both short and long term outcomes.

Every client is different and Aaron tailors his approach to meet their unique needs. Aaron believes that it is important to have achievable goals and a program, hence he takes his time to design and communicate your optimal journey to wellness.

Aaron is committed to making yoga accessible to all bodies and enjoys the opportunities that teaching yoga offers him to give back and serve the community.

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