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The treatment I have received from Dr Roopa has been first class. After several successful procedures, she has given me a new lease on life!

Richard Petrie


Dr Roopa has taken excellent care of me for many years through 3 extensive abdominal stoma type surgeries. She is very kind and understanding and the empathy she shows is so evident just by the expression on her face. Her knowledge and bedside manner are outstanding. I am so grateful to Dr Roopa, I cant recommend her highly enough.

Dr Yash. I have also been under the care of this very kind and knowledgeable doctor. Outstanding.

Reception Staff. They are always kind, helpful and very efficient.

Overall I would tell my friends that if they’re looking for the best pain management specialists, your search is over. This team is the VERY BEST in my experience. I have friends who see Dr Roopa and share my high opinion of this lovely doctor. A big THUMBS UP on every level.

Helen Santolin

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