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  • Interview on Aimovig with Dr Yash Gawarikar
    and Roopa Gawarikar on nine news
    "I wish people would understand that a migraine is not just a headache.
    It is so much more." Sensitivity to light, sound, smells, tastes, dizziness,
    fatigue, nausea and, of course, the pain. Those are the symptoms
    migraine suffers endure, sometimes for weeks on end.

    Monica Arnold, now 28, was first diagnosed with the condition as a six-year-old
    and was put on preventative medication which kept migraines at bay until her
    late teenage years. But the migraines returned and deteriorated to the point
    where she had to quit her job as a critical care nurse at Canberra Hospital.
    Now, a new type of drug has given her hope.

  • Sydney Morning Herald newspapers
    "A new migraine
    drug is giving
    sufferers hope"

    Our practice consists of a dedicated team of neurologists, pain specialist,
    allied health, neurophysiology technicians and administrative staff
    focused to provide a centre of excellence in outpatient
    neurological and chronic pain care.
    Equipped with newest diagnostic technology, we offer comprehensive
    assessment and care for a broad range of neurological conditions.
  • Stroke Society of
    Dr Yash Gawarikar has served as the Conference Chair
    and Convenor of the 29th Annual Scientific meeting of the
    Stroke Society of Australasia which was held in Canberra.


The Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre is an academically-focused
Neurology and Pain practice focused to provide a centre of excellence
in outpatient neurological care.


The Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre offering services
and procedures, aimed to provide the most complete medical
care possible to our patients.

Welcome to The Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre

The Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre is a leading multidiscliplinary centre providing comphrehensive care for patients with various neurological and pain conditions.

'Our aim is to provide individualized evidence based management for each patient to optimise their condition and improve their quality of life'.
Our specialist team is led by Dr Yash Gawarikar (neurologist) and Dr Roopa Gawarikar (pain specialist) along side a team of
dedicated professionals including psychologist, physiotherapist, neurophysiology technician and administrative staff.

Thank you for visiting us! Please let us know if we can help.

Our Team

Our team are consists of a dedicated team of neurologists, neurophysiology technicians and administrative staff, whose priority is supporting patient interaction with the practice.
The admin team handle practice appointments, are available to answer patient enquiries, facilitate payments and maintain patient confidential records.

Dr Yash Gawarikar

Dr Yash Gawarikar

Director, Stroke and Neurology Service, Calvary Public Hospital, Bruce

Dr Yash Gawarikar is the founder and director of the Canberra Region Neurology and Pain centre. He is Director of Neurology and Stroke at Calvary Public Hospital and VMO at Calvary Bruce Private Hospital.

Dr Roopa Gawarikar

Dr Roopa Gawarikar

Specialist Pain Medicine, Physician and Radiation Oncologist, VMO at Calvary Private Hospital

Dr Roopa Gawarikar is a dual qualified Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Radiation Oncologist and Interventional Pain Specialist with expertise in minimally invasive procedures.

Dr Robert Boland - Freitas

Dr Robert Boland - Freitas

Consultant Neurologist, Neurophysiologist and Staff Specialist, Blacktown Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Robert Boland-Freitas completed his medical degree at the University of New South Wales. He undertook a Neurophysiology Fellowship at the Royal North Shore Hospital after completing his Advanced Training in Neurology at Blacktown, Westmead and Canberra Hospitals.

Dr Shaun Zhai

Dr Shaun Zhai

Consultant Neurologist at Calvary Public Hospital

Dr Zhai graduated from University of Otago, New Zealand in 2009. He had exposure to a wide range of neurological diseases in Auckland and Dunedin before he embarked on neurology specialist training in Australia.

Dr Kathryn Kirkwood

Dr Kathryn Kirkwood

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kathryn Kirkwood is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist who graduated from her Master of Clinical Psychology in 1994 from the University of NSW and her PhD in 2012 from University of Sydney.   Dr Kirkwood is a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA).

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Please be advised that Canberra Neurology and Pain Centre is "Referral First" practice and to be able to see your required Specialist we need to ask you to upload your referral via this form or via email.

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Planning Your Visit

Please follow the tips below in order to make your visit as quick and convenient as possible and please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

  • Arrange to to have your medical records and any diagnostic images (MRIs, CT scans, x-rays) sent in advance or bring a copy with you.
  • Please bring a list of all medications you currently are taking or have taken recently, whether over-the-counter or prescription. Include the strength and dosage of each medication.
  • Please bring your medicare card and private health insurance information.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

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